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Remote job wanted. Have ~1 year experience with Clojurescript. I recently built this app using Clojurescript


Hi! CircleCI is hiring FE engineerings. We are migrating from cljs to js, but functional js (trying to recreate the approach of the language in an ecosystem with richer tooling). If you're interested you can apply here -


I'm also the HM on the role, so if you DM me your name I can keep an eye out for your resume


Hi fellow Clojurians! We have a remote ClojureScript position available that involves a greenfield SPA dashboard app! About us: we're QuasarDB (, a column-oriented timeseries database that is focused on extreme performances (> 50 million inserts/sec). Our clients are mostly in finance, IoT and distributed systems monitoring. The core development team consists of mostly C++ developers, so frontend is not really our cup of tea -- this is where we need your help. 🙂 About the job: short-term, we need a web interface for our database for clients to use. You will have to work with a designer to translate a design into code, and you will have total control over the chosen frontend technologies. The application itself will initially be mostly stats about cluster health, and the ability to run queries / evaluate the results. Long term: our intention is that this turns into a permanent position, but we'll start off on a freelance basis. About you: a few years of professional experience, and ideally one or two completed projects before. You are fed up with the status quo / cargo cult, and have a pragmatic attitude towards completing this project. You can work independently, but have strong communication skills as well. If this position interests you, send me your resume / portfolio + a short intro.

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