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Just wondering. Now that we have tools.dep, has there been talks of splitting clojure up into clojure-rt and clojure-compiler so that we can create smaller uberjars?


I know there's been talk of shipping different clojure artifacts in the past, and now that we have tools.dep, it seems that a decent solution is within reach.


The work per value ratio seems high on that to me. Surely uberjar size is driven more by deps than including the clojure compiler?


Depends on the application, of course, but for my use that's likely true. I'm not asking because I'm in need of this, but because I remember this page (, number 4) and became curious if this was still a target.


seems like there are many higher value things to do


No disagreement there. As I said, just wondering 🙂


@rhansen As another data point, if you're not using AOT, you need the compiler in the uberjar (and the uberjar will be small anyway since it's Clojure source ... plus whatever compiled dependencies you need). For us, at World Singles, our uberjars were all under 20MB until we added a couple of Java library dependencies that added over 10MB 🙂

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