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Entrepreneur First are hiring engineers to join the team in our London office. EF helps individuals to build important companies before they have a co-founder or an idea. By working at EF you'll have the opportunity to help define a whole new approach to company building, and persuade thousands of ambitious individuals to eschew traditional career paths such as management consultancy and banking, instead enabling them to add real value to the world through entrepreneurship. Technology at EF is an enabler - we've proven our model but now need to scale, in order to make our programme accessible to everybody in the world. This requires automation and networks, and the company is adopting a technology and data-first approach. As we build a new engineering team, we need motivated full-stack developers with a growth mindset to contribute their skills and enthusiasm. This is a great opportunity to learn Clojure if you have no or limited previous experience, and a chance to build new systems with the latest technologies (datomic, spec, re-frame) in an exciting, industry-defining company if you're an old hand - or anywhere in between. If you have any questions then please let me know, you can apply here: Unfortunately we can't accept remote applications at the moment, or applications from contractors or agencies.