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@p-himik I believe figwheel displays the warnings in the heads-up display by default, no?


"If your ClojureScript code is generating compiler warnings Figwheel won't load it. This, again, is very helpful in keeping the client environment stable. This behavior is optional and can be turned off."


Hmm, or do you mean prod compilation? it's cljsbuild who does that, but I'm not sure if it has the option to halt on warnings, sorry


@just_crashed Heads-up display doesn't show up if the code is on a breakpoint in the browser, so in some cases the heads-up display can be missed. But in my particular case I just disabled the verbose output, so even if warnings are not at the very bottom of the log, they're still within visible range.


hello everyone, im trying to write a ssh file which generates and deploys a fat jar.. but lein figwheel min waits for someone to connect to the figwheel server, is there a way to prevent this?


@plins lein cljsbuild once min should do the trick


thx found it on the example a comment stating It 🙂