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Lee Abrahams02:12:50

I am looking to speak with intellectually curious functional polyglot developers for a niche opportunity within the trading community. If you are someone has always been fascinated by technology and working with the latest cutting edge technologies then this is an opportunity of a lifetime for you. Candidates with experience of Scala, Clojure, Akka, Elixir, Erlang, Phoenix, OCaml, Ruby or similar is the key prerequisite for this role. Whilst a Computer Science academic background would be great, the experience of working with these functional programming languages through work experience is key rather than purely academic rigor. Whilst more junior candidates will be considered, the ideal candidate will have strong background and track record of leading projects and teams. What’s In It for You? The opportunity to work on the bleeding edge of technology. Opportunity to collaborate with likeminded individuals. The opportunity to see the immediate impact of your work on the bottom line of the company. Flexible and inclusive work environment and culture. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with Lee Abrahams on <mailto:[email protected]|l[email protected]> Look forward to hearing from you soon!


@l.abrahams could you give some more info please? location, remote OK, etc. Thank you