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There has been a lot of discussion here on how interviews aren't an effective way of determining if someone will be a good dev on your team. I wrote up my thoughts, feedback is welcome:

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cc @UQP60F2B1 that’s pretty similar to what we’re doing, but still interesting read.

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Thanks for sharing!


Great article!

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Bobbi Towers17:09:43

Surprisingly, in over 4 years of searching for Clojure jobs, I've only ever been asked to live code once. The approach you describe, also once. Usually it's take-home tests.

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In this sense the best approach I have seen in the Clojure land is the way Nubank approaches the problem. They give a take home exercise, but a really simple one, without any trap, it’s pretty simple and something that is related to what they do day-to-day, and along with it, they also require a System Design interview, and that is it. Sad to still see a lot of companies demanding full working complex software to be made at home or also obligating people to think at loud in live code exercises


Hey that's a neat idea. One company I interviewed at had a "take home test" that you could skirt if you sent in a public github repo to talk about. Seems reasonable.