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I'm not sure I see the benefit of adding this. Just use -M/-m? Writing and correctly quoting Clojure values in the shell is a pain compared to just using unix conventions. The wrapper script is also not optional, it's part of Kaocha's UI contract that projects have the wrapper script.


I'm not saying the wrapper script is optional, nor am I trying to eliminate it. But -X is intended for invoking things like this and is a really nice de-complection of "use this as the main ns" and "run this code from the CLI" for things pulling it into a REPL. that will help w/ kaocha v2's goal of letting the build tooling create the classpath, for example (see the wishlist issue).


This PR, if anything, reduces the amount of "writing and correctly quoting Clojure values in the shell"


they go into actual EDN in your deps.edn


How about using kaocha.repl/run then? This seems like it should work well, and doesn't introduce extra API surface and additional conventions of how options map to names.

Alys Brooks22:09:53

New PR basically gathering up @U07FP7QJ0' suggestion, @U06FS3DLH's documentation, and some additional documentation by me.