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@seancorfield Sorry for the delayed response. Yeah, I can see how that could be the case (what you were saying about cultural fit.) That's not what I mean by it though (and though I've done a fair bit of contracting for Valley firms I've never been located there or been an employee of one.)


I just think that every shop inevitably has a way of approaching things, and that that's pretty inevitable. And, within limits, that's not a bad thing. Different approaches can work, but not everyone does equally well with each.


Just as an example, I've come to think (and for a long time I didn't really think this, but I had some experiences that changed my mind) that pairing can be a very valuable thing. Some shops even require it for all code (which is going a bit far IMHO, but I can see the rationale.) But I've known people who just can't stand it, and they would have a hard time in those shops.


That's an extreme example (in more than one sense, I guess,) but... even if "cultural fit" is not the best way to put it I do thin that the same person can be great in one place and pretty lackluster in another for fairly intangible reasons.


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Country column could be interesting (which could be filled with "Remote only" of course) - geo can matter when searching for experts