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Bruce Berkowicz17:12:34

Hello everyone. I am a developer in New Jersey, United States. I have been a Java developer since 2001 and have used other languages along the way. Python and a little R. Currently between jobs. I have looked at Clojure several times in the past but it hasn't clicked into place yet. I am returning to try again. I am reading Getting Clojure by Russ Olsen. I am listening to the podcast "defn". It is interesting, but not geared towards beginners. And that's okay. I may try the AOC 2022 challenge to facilitate my learning. I have done it in years past using Python. In my other attempts I was unable to get CIDER working properly with my Emacs. Hopefully I can jump over that hurdle this time!

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If you still have problems getting emacs/cider functioning, please ask for help in the #C0617A8PQ or #C099W16KZ channels.