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Yab Mas13:12:19

What is the situation with respect to targeting nodejs for the backend? From what I understand it should be possible, but all demo's seem to run on the jvm so I guess thats what's currently supported. Is it on your roadmap or is this something that will be left to the community to develop? If so, can you give an estimate of the work that needs to be done to support it?

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Dustin Getz14:12:52

let me talk to the team

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Dustin Getz23:12:03

we do not support node today but there are no serious barriers. some design work needed (for example we are resolving vars with eval on the backend; the frontend is compiled) and some code will need to be made more portable. iā€™m not sure if the work will need to be done by us, we would need to do a proper discovery. i would guess yes.

Dustin Getz23:12:33

do you have a specific business use case in mind?

Yab Mas12:12:17

Ok, thanks for the reply. We'll be evaluating the adaption of photon over the next few months. Most applications currently target node for the backend, hence the question. We're just exploring options for now. We do consider moving (back) to the jvm, based on more factors than just photon. But making photon node compatible could also be considered if the amount and difficulty of the work seems doable.

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Dustin Getz17:12:33

Photon test suite now runs in node (in a local configuration). The design work still remains to make node work as a backend server in networked configuration (client/server compilation strategy for node will be different than JVM)

Yab Mas07:01:49

Cool! Thanks for the update šŸ˜‰