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Not sure if this is the right place, but let me try. In #remote-jobs I see sometimes jobs posted by external recruiters without mentioning the company name. I don’t like this in general, but I’m not sure if it is disallowed. From I have received unsollicited resumes of candidates for my company. Not directly from him, but from the company behind it. So I can imagine they gather resumes through this slack channel for instance and send it to random companies (without permission). What do you think?

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@U0FT7SRLP Are you saying you think that people are posting their resumes here and those are getting submitted to job openings by some recruiters?


Very few people post their resumes here and we don't encourage "looking for work" posts (we've talked about actively discouraging it if it starts to happen more often).


I mean people might be tempted to send there resume via a direct message. And this profile might end up in my inbox via unsollicited mail. I have one example from this company specifically. I think it’s very fishy and it doesn’t belong in this community IMO


I think many people don’t know how these recruiters work. Many people assume there are genuine, in many cases they are not. From the email I received it seems they are like the bad ones. And they are posting “jobs” in our #C06B40HMY channel


The domain is also fishy because they aren’t inhouse


I wouldn't be at all surprised if recruiters here used job postings as a way to potentially find customers to sell their services to. They probably harvest lots of job boards for openings that they think they can funnel applicants into. If folks send their resume to any of these recruiters, that's up to them. Folks who really want to work in Clojure are likely to take any perceived opportunity they can.


I get a steady stream of emails from recruiters about potential candidates for job openings we don't even have, for a variety of technologies.


I also get a steady stream of emails from recruiters offering me jobs in technologies I haven't touched in over a decade. Recruiting is a numbers game, unfortunately.


Yeah it definitely is a numbers game to them. I have been a recruiter a long time ago and I’ve seen many dark sides of this industry. That’s why I get a bit allergic when I come accross them


Of course we can wait until it escalates and more people get spam, but I feel we can be a bit proactive here


Btw, to be clear I’m not so much affraid of the spam. It’s more that I’m affraid these recruiters will disturb hiring for both companies and engineers as they have done for recruiting in many other fields of programming. So far this slack has been very clean and I hope we can keep it like this, for instance by not making it interesting to be here


If people complain about specific recruiters, we can give warnings to those specific recruiters -- but we also have to be careful about complaints from people who've had a bad experience with a specific recruiter and are just trying to "hit back" at them with a personal attack (which we've also had happen here).


I agree that it is tricky and that it can also go in the opposite direction. Let’s see how well they behave


Regarding the job offer you linked, I’m 99% certain it’s a Griffin job


I jokingly replied to the same post a while ago, but my intention was to tell anybody interested that it’s a Griffin job if they wanted to contact them directly;cid=C05006WDW

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You think they want to stay anonymous? I guess if someone of Griffin disagreed they would reply here :thinking_face:


I like your reply here


Since people from Griffin directly post job ads here from time to time, I’d be surprised that’s the case


The annoying thing can be that these recruiters send resumes to the HR department that eventually get forwarded to this developer, maybe without every realizing they came from this slack channel where they were advertising themselves 🙈


Yes… that would suck


I know it happens like this. Unfortunately I have been part of this for a short period


I would hate to contact a company myself and figure out that they already know about me as a “external recruiter candidate” without my knowledge, and for that to have a negative impact in my candidacy


specially since the jobs I look for are in a very small pool (clojure jobs)


I actually thing that might have happened to me last week. A recruiter from linkedin talked to me about an interesting job, and I might have found it in my own research


It’s not just that. They might actually not be able to hire you without paying the recruitment fee. That’s often in their terms. If they send the resume first. At least that’s how it used to work


Indeed, it works like that at least in France


As a company you might win in court, but it can be painful if they can somehow proof they introduced the candidate first


Especially for small companies these practises can be harmful. And for job seekers the job market becomes less transparent. It might be hard to identify the companies that hire and how many jobs there are actually there


It also happens they lure you into a clojure job and you end up for a java shop