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Drew Verlee04:08:38 I'm not sure i follow the idea presented here that datomic would prevent round trips because of the log. I mean, providing the full query means the full result can come back, that's what prevents the need for more trips right?

Dustin Getz16:08:45

The video is not technically accurate

Dustin Getz16:08:13

Photon has no dependency on Datomic


hi, I am wondering if there is a better way to list tests like this:

working with dates
initialize state
I get this via println . Downside is that I have to include a newline: (println "\ninitialize state")
 (println "\ninitialize state")
 (let [d (LocalDate/of 2019 10 10)]
   (initialize-state! (atom {}) :today d) := {:current-month-year d
                                              :current-year 2019
                                              :current-month 10}))