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Does clojure-lsp walk up directories until it finds a parent deps.edn?


Here's a little tip for those working with monorepos, and using vim + coc. Ensure you set your coc.preferences.rootPatterns correctly, otherwise the wrong project-root will be sent to clojure-lsp when determining the classpath.


Something like this may be helpful:


"coc.preferences.rootPatterns": [


we stopped doing that manually and finding deps.edn, and just delegate to the classpath resolver tool, like lein classpath or clj -Spath which usually bring the expected correct classpath, but yeah, you need to setup the project root properly


after some reviewing of the code etc, it all made sense.


Thing is, is that coc hands to clojure-lsp the project root which it believes is correct


so if you're in a monorepo, it'll walk up until it finds a .git directory then the whole thing gets confused, as the source paths are then all set incorrectly


yeah, we have the same issue on emacs, people importing the root wrongly, this is something client should ask and handle correctly, there is nothing to be done on server side I believe :/


I am again having problems with jumpReferences giving me hits in the target directory on the newest version of clojure-lsp in clojurescript. This despite setting both :source-paths and :source-paths-ignore-regex to try to avoid this. I went back some versions, trying both 2022.05.03-12.35.40 and 2022.06.22-14.09.50 , but they had the same problem. Version 2022.03.31-14.21.14 is working as expected (pjuh)


@U04V15CAJ reported the same, I still need to investigate that. @U01E4ELDYM9 Do you have any sample project where I can try?


I can try repro on babashka-cli too


@UKFSJSM38 first run clojure -T:build uber to create a target dir. Then restart the project and the navigation should go to the wrong place

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@U04V15CAJ done, I tested some go-to-defs and it seems to be working, do you have a example of a var you are trying to go to which goes to target?


do you have a target dir?


Here's a repro:


hmm, it's probably an issue with my emacs PATH vs my shell PATH


yeah, I have the target after ran that command and going to parse-args works for me :thinking_face:


Could you check lsp-clojure-server-info ? it should print to messages buffer a edn, there you should find source-paths


This is mine:

note: clojure-lsp excluded the target source-path properly


Here is a repro for cljs (in my case using CoC and nvim): 1. clone 2. start repl with clj -M:dev -m figwheel.main , creating the target dir in the process 3. call jumpReferences on any of the defined functions in src/web/core.cljs


It works too for me @U01E4ELDYM9 I suspect you have the same issue borkdude is having, maybe clojure-lsp is not finding the source-paths properly, could you check what is the return of the clojure/serverInfo command? I'm not sure how to call it from vim though, on emacs we have a function to help with that M-x lsp-clojure-server-info


It seems that source-paths in final-settings is set correctly to

'source-paths': ['/home/sigvesn/clojure/web/src'
here is the full result of serverInfo (found using echo CocRequest('clojure-lsp', 'clojure/serverInfo/raw')` )


Any other info i can provide to help? Should i open an issue?


I gave it a try and I can't reproduce, your settings looks correct too, clojure-lsp didn't include any target folder in source-paths, so it seems something different, not sure if the client (vim) may affect that. Maybe ask if other people using vim are having the same issue with that repro?

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Hi! I'm writing a library, and clojure-lsp gives me "unused public var" warnings for my public API namespace. I'm curious about how other people who are writing libraries and are using clojure-lsp are doing here. Do you simply disable "unused public var" warnings for the whole namespace?


for me i'd generally have some tests which run the fns so that takes care of the warnings for me šŸ˜„


ahh, good point. I could consider writing some tests. That's .. yeah, I should actually do that. šŸ˜„

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there are some ways to solve that: ā€¢ add #_{:clj-kondo/ignore [:clojure-lsp/unused-public-var]} to a specific function ā€¢ Add a custom config to exclude specific ns patterns. At Nubank we use this and works pretty well for most projects, for example: .clj-kondo/config.edn

{:linters {:clojure-lsp/unused-public-var {:exclude-regex [".+\\.server/run-dev"]}}
 :config-in-ns {user {:linters {:clojure-lsp/unused-public-var {:level :off}}}}} 

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I suggest using the :config-in-ns kondo setting which allows you have a good tuning for specific ns


That's great - thank you!