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Jacob O'Bryant20:08:16

#biff pair programming meetup this Friday at 9:30 am Pacific, RSVP for Zoom link: Previously was scheduled for Thursday but had to make a last-minute change. > Tom Brooke will be driving. We'll work on a custom theme he's been developing for Platypub, maybe. > --- > Twice per month we'll hack on a project together. Anyone can to be the driver, and I'll be there to help. It'll be relaxed and much fun; no prep required. If we don't have anyone scheduled, I'll do some solo coding with commentary as I go. Audience members are encouraged to interrupt with questions, jokes, etc. Afterwards we can chat if anyone has anything to talk about. > All meetups will be held on Zoom. We'll record the coding session, and the post-coding chat part will be unrecorded. We'll try to keep the entire thing to under 1 hour.

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