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I'm playing around with trying to render a component in isolation, instead of rendering from the root down. the thing I'm not sure about is how to get a reference to a Canvas object


it seems like the canvas is a highly mutable thing that isn't save to keep a reference to


for some reason I thought that humbleui wasn't meant to be immediate mode, but it seems like the state of the canvas needs to be re-built each re-render. there's not an engine for diffing and figuring out what exactly needs to change in a declarative way


Like dirty regions? No, I don’t think it makes sense in modern computers. It’s way faster to re-render everything from scratch


maybe a stupid question: is there a difference between re-rendering everything from scratch, and "immediate mode" rendering?


depends on what you mean. Immediate mode UIs usually recreate whole components tree each frame. Immediate rendering is, I guess, rendering all from scratch?


yeah I suppose that makes sense. my brain is broken by browser UIs, I'm trying to learn everything else now


does ski(j)a then take care of figuring out how to draw all this stuff using the GPU?