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@jamesvickers19515 I use my own non-ReactJS library and along with the CW on React having superior performance being wrong the CW on the CLJS frameworks wrapping ReactJS somehow becoming necessary when apps get “huge/complex” is also mistaken. In both cases it is just the opposite, because ReactJS is not at all reactive: it fakes it by re-running everything in a dumb fashion vs. having “point” information as to what property depends on what other properties (aka being truly reactive). So it reprocesses excessively (not a problem for trivial components, big problem once we scale because now we have to keep track of dependencies so we can tell React our vdom does not need to recalculate). Getting back to the elaborate frameworks wrapping React, again those again do not scale because we have to hand wire everything for the frameworks to follow. In brief, yer fine with Hoplon/Javelin.