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@wilkerlucio if to do the load on started-callback, will the client load the all date when the client start? How to do just load when need?


@tpliliang not sure what you mean, you have the control to choose how much you want to load, on the client you can use the :without options to remove things from loading, but also it depends on how you implement your server, for example on lists you can decide how many itens you want to expose, where and how you load is up to you


@wilkerlucio If just load a partition of the data when started using :without, How to dynamically load other partition when need? e.g, to load just before the ui component render.


Anyone seeing traffic problems to github?


Update pushed to Still a ways to go, but content through about chapter 11 should be pretty close.


Fulcro 2.0.0 pushed to Clojars. I’m going to start a snapshot of the next version pretty quickly, which will have new rendering code. More notes on that shortly.


OK, so 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT is also on clojars. I was waiting for official release before merging this one, but some of you might find this interesting: - Refactored rendering - Added support for “rendering modes” as an option when creating a new client. The mode :keyframe turns off the path optimization, and always renders from root (still has the shouldComponentUpdate optimization, so it still should be pretty darn fast). The interesting thing here is that if it is fast enough for you, it eliminates the need for all follow-on reads. If you’re careful to use Unions to keep your UI query light, then this mode may make it easier to write your app without having to worry about refresh methods at all. If it becomes too slow, you can always treat the next mode “up” as an optimization you can opt-in on. - The default rendering mode did not change. - :react-key is no longer needed in any rendering mode. For anything! You can remove it from your app as of this version. - The call to force-root-render! now works. It works by making shouldComponentUpdate return true so that a root render results in a full DOM diff at React. This fixes the problem where react key changes would unmount/remount everything (losing things like component local state).


I want some more testing on it to make sure nothing is broken, but I think this is an exciting improvement, especially for those that use i18n (which had the loss of component local state problem before this version)_


It’s also a fun experiment into “what is fast enough?“. I suspect that a well-written UI will work just fine with :keyframe mode, reducing the incidental complexity even more (no more worrying about refresh details)


Anyone know of any infinite-scroll-type references?