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Has anyone had any luck getting a Hoplon app to run as a packaged Electron app? I can actually get mine to execute when invoking electron directly, but the package I produce with electron-packager fails with this error:


I think this is probably not a Hoplon problem per se, but a Clojurescript/Electron one. If there’s a better channel to ask in, please direct me there.


@qqq that looks really cool, could you put something up in github so it doesn't get lost in the chat history?


@thedavidmeister : no, but you don't want it to be lost, you can convert it to a hoplon patch 🙂


@micha @alandipert what are your thoughts on complementing on! with observers like MutationObserver, IntersectionObserver, ResizeObserver, etc.


@candera: I have working electron apps with hoplon


@candera: it looks like the issue is your js/_dirname this is the location your scripts are invoked from which is different in Node.js and Electron. I would make sure you are always using at least simple compilation to get a single compiled file