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@nathansmutz you can definitely get that property.. it shows up a lot in the repl...


but it's more of an internal works thing... i am not sure if i can think of a use case for grabbing it in code....


My thought is for a core.logic application. I'm looking to output lists of things whose order isn't important. To keep most of the output from being just reorderings of the same sets of elements, my naive thought is to force an ordering. Something like (run [q] .... (disitncto l) (pred l is-sorted?) (== q l). That probably just shows my ignorance of core.logic. Maybe there's a way to project into sets explicitly


Lots of things don't implement compare, so if there's an easy unique-per-object thing to sort on, that's how it should be done.


@nathansmutz if you're working on clojure stuff, you can use the hash function, doesn't work on anon functions though.

beppu20:01:41 came in handy today. This was more accurate than what I could find on stackoverflow.


hey guys, I am probably biased by past learning experiences but I can't help myself from trying to relate clojure agents to actors (like in scala for example) ... I am pretty scared of developing the bad conceptual model in my head so I have to ask ... are Agents and actors related concepts ?


I want to use a Clojure project with some Java sources as well… the testing work but when I run uberjar I get Java compilation errors with missing libraries .....


any advice or links to look at?


@abarylko maybe show us your project.clj?