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@flyboarder Thanks! I will experiment along those lines. The part that’s confusing me is that although things work fine when I run via electron target/, once it gets rolled up into a .app via electron-packager, it doesn’t, even though all the code appears to be where I think it should be, in the Resources/app.asar. I have tried with @martinklepsch‘s electron-and-clojurescript sample as well ( to see if it was something with my setup, but I get the same result.


@candera: I'll be extending boot-electron to package things for us probably come February


Many utility Node packages could be better rewritten as cljs


That would be handy, and I probably don't really need it before then, but it's bugging me now so I'll probably have to figure it out to keep from going nuts :)


OK, got @martinklepsch’s electron-and-clojurescript example working with simple/advanced compilation. Could have sworn I tried that before, but given that I had to add a (target) task, clearly that was not the case. 🙂 I should be able to use that as a template for my more complicated app - thanks for the help @flyboarder !


@candera: if you get a good packaging process down, feel free to open an issue and document it on boot-electron repo


Would help for the future


OK, I can do that. Traveling this week, which may mean either more or less time to do that, but I will attempt. You want it as an issue? I’m not actually using boot-electron yet.


hmmm, anyone know how i can get something like startOffset to work with svg?


it's lowercasing to startoffset


@candera: yeah an issue would be nice, I'd like boot-electron to be able to build, package and launch electron apps


@flyboarder Issues don’t seem to be enabled for your project.


@micha @jumblerg any idea why this started throwing errors in my tests when i bumped hoplon to alpha17?


(when (not (:static attrs))
        (remove-all-kids! elem)
        (add-children! elem kids)))))


i set :static to true on my body tag to make the error go away, not sure what that means?


error looks like this:


ERROR in (??current-page) ([email protected]:262:6)
Uncaught exception, not in assertion.
expected: nil
  actual: #object[TypeError TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'this$.hoplonKids = null')]


hmmm, setting :static to true on the body tag seems to break the app 😕


(prn (.-outerHTML js/document)) appears to be nil in phantomjs, so i'd say it's not possible to "remove kids" from the body in that case