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I've been working through these steps to use hoplon/javelin in a regular lein project: This no longer works with the latest build of hoplon (alpha17) but it does work with the build used in the article (alpha15). Any idea what broke since alpha15?


Does jquery no longer get automatically included or something? (The example uses jquery to mount the hoplon app in the #app div)


@puzzler correct, include hoplon.jquery


And just requiring it will make the calls to js/jQuery work?


I'm giving hoplon a try, and one of the problems I'm having is that some errors (e.g., an error in a formula cell) just seem to cause the page not to render at all. No meaningful error message is given so I can't track it down. Is this normal or is there a better workflow that avoids this?


@puzzler check the console


@puzzler yeah, what do you mean by “no meaningful error”?


do you actually mean “no error” or “i don’t understand how to debug the error that i see”?


I keep having issues with hoplon serving up old html.js files that i've since changed. the old files persist even when stopping and re-running boot dev. When i change something in the file and it's reloaded with boot-reload the correct version is shown but a page refresh shows the old stale page. if i rename the html page, the new page works for awhile but seemingly randomly an old version will start showing up at some point. any tips as to how to start to track down what's causing this? I'm on Windows, boot 2.6, boot-reload 0.4.13 and hoplon alpha17


the refresh showing stale page looks like it's the browser using cache


you can try turning all the caching features off/using another browser


doh, good call, hard refresh works too (ctrl+f5)


for some reason I was assuming ctrl-r was a hard refresh


@jjttjj: if you are using chrome you can disable cache while devtools are open


So that s refresh is a hard-refresh