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Hmmm… I realize I could use tree->db to pre-normalize the data.


Is anyone handling file uploads in an app? Interested in hearing your strategies.


This is what my send function is starting to look like. I split the query into two separate requests so I can send uploads as multipart. @drcode @dzannotti I think this has similarities to how you are dealing with REST endpoints.


Is it reasonable to use just defui and other rendering-related functionality from without the rest of it?


@stuartsierra I've done that myself in projects that didn't use queries


If I'm just rendering, do I have to use the reconciler?


@stuartsierra: depends. If you have global state you'll need to construct a reconciler with it


Well, in fact you could make do with passing just props to a Om Next factory, but your components wouldn't re-render. You'd need to set up a watch on an atom to re-render manually

Joe R. Smith20:12:07

What’s the best approach to consuming NPM packages for my clojurescript app? lein-npm? webpack (idk how this works)? npm is a tire-tire afaict.

Joe R. Smith20:12:49

also, I don’t suppose there’s a way to rope npm deps into a clojurescript closure compiler advanced compile.


OK thanks anmonteiro


@solussd use Webpack to create a UMD module that you include via :foreign-libs compiler option

Joe R. Smith21:12:31

@anmonteiro cool- any example projects/blog posts you’d recommend?

Joe R. Smith21:12:45

I should probably figure out this webpack thing, regardless. 🙂


I think I found that whole mailing list thread useful


does [org.omcljs/om “1.0.0-alpha47”] break when used with `cljsjs/react “15.4.x”, or am I doing something wrong?