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We’re starting a dojo/meetup group in Aarhus (Denmark) and I’m trying to figure out how to add it to I have a login for Confluence but I can’t grog how to get access to editing the page.


@tgk Hey 🙂 If you don't see a big "Edit" button right of the page title you may not have the necessary rights. It seems I have edit rights so I could add it for you if you want. Otherwise you could ping Alex Miller to give you the necessary permissions.


@martinklepsch: I don’t have a big “Edit” button and I’m happy with just disturbing you 🙂 The group is called “aarhus.clj” and our page is We have a twitter account called @aarhusclj. Thanks Martin!


@tgk you're welcome 🙂 Please check that the links are correct:


Thanks 🙂 the meetup URL has had de-DE added so parts are in German. I assume that was some clever meetup redirect 😞


@tgk fixed the link to not contain the de-DE bit


@martinklepsch danke sehr! All looks good 🙂