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Hi is there a sample/ template project to get started? I'm new to aws (cdk w/e) stuff


I'll dig into the examples in the repo

Karol Wójcik17:10:34

I believe @U0510KXTU uses CDK for HL deployments.

Karol Wójcik18:10:31

What backend do you want to target?


I don't know yet. bb for start I guess. What is this "stack field". Trying the bb example walkthrough

Karol Wójcik18:10:31

Stack name = application name

Karol Wójcik18:10:59

Try to reload the page, and maybe change the application name.


ok nvm it was fixed by using a different aur package (got an error with sam with some python stacktrace about api_version arg)

Dan Abrams16:10:32

Is there an example of holy lambda working in a polylith project (or guidance on how this might work?)

Karol Wójcik17:10:25

I got an example. Will send you a zip tomorrow morning

Karol Wójcik18:10:02

Are you trying to build a rest api?

Karol Wójcik18:10:32

Great. I think I got something awesome for you.

Dan Abrams18:10:59

That's excellent. Thank you.

Karol Wójcik15:10:54

HL works best with ring and reitit. @UTECZMYPJ This implementation is a pet project of mine, but this should work well for production since we already use it at Retailic. Soon I will extract the AWSApiProxy to a separate library. Basically the idea is that at any point of time you can transition from AWS Lambda to regular servers with this approach 🙂

Karol Wójcik15:10:06

Sorry for such a late response. Had some tough day.

Dan Abrams15:10:20

No no. Thank you for the effort.