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Hi everyone: I'm trying to re-enter the tech job sphere after a several decade hiatus (into law). I've been trying to keep/catch up on a couple of the technologies that interest me (e.g. Forth/Factor, Lisp/Clojure, Unix/Linux/NixOS/Guix) but I obviously don't have any recent work experience/portfolio/references nor really any desire to mount some kind of intense marketing campaign right now. I do have an exceedingly small monthly "nut" to cover (a couple thousand dollars) and a decent location (SF Bay Area) so it wouldn't cost someone much to give me a try. I'm wondering if anyone here has any advice for me, like, for example, how I might go about procuring a talent agent/recruiter to solicit/negotiate positions/gigs for me, best places to meet potential employers (considering most meetups are merely virtual now), etc...?


If you find any company that has a legal-related app/product you can probably get paid pretty well to learn on the job 😅 I don't have any other "wisdom" to offer, unfortunately

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@hobosarefriends I don't really care if it's legal related or not at this point, but yeah, that might help with my transition back, thanks.


Just go for it


market its fairly hot for developers - you will find something pretty easily