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Panagiotis Mamatsis07:10:30

Good morning everyone! I was wondering, is there any book or any other resource for someone to read the history of LISP dialects?


I'm waiting for @U050WRF8X to write one ;)

Panagiotis Mamatsis08:10:24

I'll be amongst the first to buy! :)


I haven't read any of the history of Lisps linked from here, but they might contain some of what you are looking for:

fogus (Clojure Team)12:10:19

@U04V15CAJ If I could convince Paul McJones to write such a book with me then I'd be up for it. :)


The smile in my face is getting bigger. Have you tried?

fogus (Clojure Team)17:10:08

Nah, he's way too busy.