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Huge thank you to @olical for conjure. It's one of the my favorite things about developing in Clojure.

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Grateful to everyone who worked on the conception, design, and implementation of the socket repl feature of Clojure. I can set up port forwarding into CircleCI with its “rerun with ssh” feature and then I essentially am not even aware that my regular dev setup is actually running in their infra when I want to investigate the exact CI test runs

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Also amazing that CircleCI supports this. This is the single feature that sets them apart from Github Actions for me.

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agreed. quite a great dev-focused feature to expose the actual testing environment. Hope someone got some recognition at circle for landing that


In CirrusCI you can also log into the build, but no network connect (so no connecting to the REPL).


i tried the port forwarding for the first time today. was stoked it worked. I've logged in and run the tests from a cli repl while ssh-ing in, but today i had some time and said "i wonder if ..." and it worked!

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