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I wasn't yesterday, I am today 🙂


Hey there - I was just wondering if there were people on as I was going to ask a general question...


Speaking of which... What is the general feeling on HTTP API options in Clojure these days (i.e. what's the current hotness?)? I have used: 1. Yada 2. Reitit +Muntaja etc. 3. Compojure / Compojure-Ring 4. Liberator in the past and I am reasonably happy to go back to any / all of them, but am wondering I am now missing out on anything new / better..?

Rachel Westmacott08:08:15

I've used yada, but wouldn't use it again. I like the code (very hackable/extensible), but the documentation was never really finished and now it seems to not be very well supported.


Yeah, @U0FR9C8RZ I have used Yada in the past and I like its completeness, but I agree it is troubled on the documentation and support basis compared to the alternatives. Overall I actually think that this is a shame as the underlying code and capabilities in Yada are extensive (full disclosure I know the people behind Yada and I like them and their libraries a lot)

Rachel Westmacott11:08:17

the people that is

Rachel Westmacott11:08:33

I'm not sure I've used enough Juxt libraries to have a general opinion

Rachel Westmacott11:08:38

perhaps I should use more...?


I would strongly recommend tick and aero along with bidi, yada and of course xtdb 😉


I'm a fan of Reitit + Muntaja.


That's what we're using here too


Thx guys - I am veering that way myself... 😉


If you want a speedy async server, Donkey might be a good option