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@guy looks like I made a mistake, will recheck my codes. I just realized a point. Thanks


Rechecked, seems like Antlr issue, things are working on my REPL. This problem happens when I try at with Lambda


Has anyone tried with AWS Lambda?


I’ve not tried aws lamba but why not try #aws-lambda ?


Makes sense


So... I'm setting up an email verification workflow. I have realised that, outside of setting up another service. I'm not sure how I would go about embedding a confirmation link inside of an email that would point to the graphql endpoint. Do I need to setup a REST service for this?


In this situation, I would likely create an additional route for the confirmation logic. The GET support is largely there for historical reasons, and it puts the entire GraphQL query in the URL as a query parameter ... big and ugly and not exactly secure.


graphql can work on GET as well as POST


Are you suggesting that I could create a rest-endpoint alongside my graphql endpoint?


Thanks I meant documentation around the link to the lacinia source


All the service-map code is trying to split the difference between simple and easy. You can see how straight-forward the code is and just use it, or you can use the individual pieces. That particular line says: if there are routes in the options, just use those (presumably because the calling code started with graphql-routes but then added more routing).


So simple would be to not provide service-map at all. Easy is including service-map but allowing for the fact that it is full of overrides.


Why would you add more routing? In our case, we have a /status endpoint that our infrastructure uses to determine server health. We may also add further routes in the future for other purposes (mostly deployment related).