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Logan Powell14:05:27

@wcohen can you elaborate?

Logan Powell14:05:51

as it stands, citysdk (aka census-geojson) should be able to be used in both clojure and clojurescript (I deliberately chose deps to be cross-platform), but I have never published anything to Clojars before. I would be happy to support a PR that made the lib Clojure/script lib deployment ready if you would be willing to chaperone the development.


geo might not be the right place, it may be too low level — but i am trying to work on building up the world of gis analysis in clojure or clojurescript. Right now, all geo does is read in geojsons. I’m working on and some real basic stuff in clojure-clojure (though once geo gets to cljs, i’ll try to get those working on both as well.) 1) just as a comment, i can’t believe i haven’t heard of citysdk before seeing as how i work with census data in clojure all the time professionally, but i think it is really awesome, so thanks -- and 2) is there something that you see as a missing piece that sits outside the scope of citysdk (but that, say, R’s acs does) and would be useful for end users?)


that’s a good first idea — once i get geo working a little bit between the two i might give that a shot. being able to ask about census geographies in plain clojure without having to fuss entirely around the API and build that up in parallel would be quite neat

Logan Powell14:05:48

We have a pretty active little community on Slack: you may want to ask some of the members of the various language channels. I believe that R and Python are currently the most popular languages for Census data users...


lovely. thanks so much and nice to meet you!

Logan Powell15:05:00

Nice to meet you too!