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is this channel allowed for recruiters or intermediaries right now ?


cause @daniel.aamer is asking about my current salary rather than offering anything concrete, if that’s the spirit of the channel I am leaving guys


Recruitment is a difficult/sensitive process. In my mind it’s fine to ask a question. But it’s also fine to state to not wanting to answer.

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Daniel Aamer11:05:45

Hey @jaimeagudo you’re so rude!!

Daniel Aamer11:05:04

we’re all human beings, don’t be so rude, have some respect 🙂 @jaimeagudo

Daniel Aamer11:05:14

recruiters are people too 🙂

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Daniel Aamer11:05:55

@jaimeagudo just to be absolutely clear also I asked you about your ‘salary expectations’ as I did not want to offend you.. but I wish you a lovely day 😄


Welp, this is weird

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I can't see anything wrong with recruiters being here.

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Neither do I as long as it is a genuine offer/interest and Clojure(Script) related.

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There's a #jobs-discuss channel for discussions about hiring processes etc which is where this sort of discussion belongs and, yes, recruiters are specifically allowed here -- as long as they don't spam the jobs channels with non-Clojure/Script jobs. And, yes, it's common for recruiters to ask about "salary expectations" so they can better match candidates to job openings @jaimeagudo but it also depends on where in the world you and the recruiter respectively are from since different cultures approach hiring/employment in different ways. As a reminder: there's a Code of Conduct covering all channels here so, basically, be nice. Any follow-up to this should go to #jobs-discuss (signed: one of your friendly admin team).

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I know you said to direct follow-ups elsewhere, but I just had to say that i love this: ”Basically, be nice”. ❤️

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