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Hi, is the right place to ask a noob question about guardrails? I'm trying to use it for #helix react components (`defnc`). My specific question is how to use >defn for describing a function that takes a map, whose entries I'd like to spec inline. Ie: (defn component-name [{:keys some-key some-other-key] :as props] ( <function body...>)` , where props might accept {:some-key "some string" :some-other-key true} What would the gspec look like for this? Thanks, and lmk if this is better asked elsewhere


To spec a map you would use s/keys. With Guardrails it'd be something like (>def ::x (s/keys :req [::some-key ::some-other-key])). The Spec component of this is probably better suited as a question in #beginners as it's not really Guardrails-specific.


Yeah, fair enough. Is it possible to describe the above within the inline gspec syntax, ie within a >defn, perhaps via some destructuring? If not, and I can only refer to the s/def or >`def`'d symbols within the >`defn`, then yeah, I'll look into that approach. Thanks!


I'm not sure what you mean, but you should try to use registered specs wherever you are composing specs. So spec out the map keys, compose them into a registered entity map, and then use that map's spec's key in the >defn argspec like (>defn [props] [:some-ns/map-key => any?] ...). > You will see later that registered specs can (and should) be used anywhere we compose specs.

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