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In Calva am I supposed to get diagnostics (ie squiggles and such, or Problems) for undeclared variables? I only ever see them when running the code in terminal/repl/evaluating, never as vscode Problems/diagnostics.

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Yes, you should. I’m not sure what would cause them to not show up unless you’ve added some clj-kondo config to make that happen, or if clojure-lsp isn’t starting.

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LSP has started, and am jacked in. What sort of kondo config would disable them? Any logs I should look at that would help me investigate or debug? There are no errors that I notice in notifs or Calva Says. Right now (somehow) other language features like Go To- and References are working, but this ostensibly isn't. Does it matter that it's a shadow cljs project at all?


@U037TPXKBGS there was a clojure-lsp bug where if you have source-paths configured incorrectly, it would not even return clj-kondo diagnostics, I fixed some days ago, included in the tomorrow's release, but that means you probably have wrong source-paths yet, you probably should take a look

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BTW, you don't need to jack in to get errors/warnings, all of that comes from clojure-lsp (clj-kondo used under the hood)


Yeah, I figured I'd add as much detail. Thanks! Running npx shadow classpath indeed returns the expected paths. Searching thru c-lsp's vsc output for diagnostics": \[\w returns nothing, but there are 800 instances of "diagnostics": [] , when I know that shouldn't be true. What could be going wrong?


And man, this whole time I just thought we didn't have this feature - I need more faith in y'alls hard work!


After some combination of the above, it now works! Somehow...


Hello! Would it be possible to configure Calva somehow to run inline tests (just pure clojure test) for cljs files?


It needs to be solved in cider-nrepl. Check the issues on that repository and see if it is moving anywhere.

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