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For those trying out F3. You may want to turn off workspaces while you’re getting going. Workspaces pulls in f2 and f3 on your classpath, and it is very easy to get confused and use the wrong version of something. I really don’t recommend having both on the classpath: not that they’ll break anything per-se, but if you use f2 code with f3 things will just fail to work in very strange ways. I just personally spent an hour debugging a “problem” with data targeting…the problem: I was using an f2 function with f3 by accident.


And if it is happening to me, it’s going to happen to you 😕


I’ll look into helping port ws forward to prevent this frustration, but it isn’t my project….


OK, that didn’t take long. Working with nubank on a deployment of a Fulcro 3-only workspaces to prevent this problem for users.

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TEMPORARY clojars coordinate until nubank has time to review: [com.github.awkay/workspaces "1.0.0-RC1"]


Thanks Tony very helpful, we finally started the migration this week!