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hi everyone! 🖐️ could you please point me in the right direction: i've been successfully using calva with old figwheel, but cannot connect to figwheel-main.. (have no problems connecting to shadow-cljs ). i've been failing for a while now. what i do: select 'Figwheel Main' and specify localhost:port (e.g. 9500). anyway, the question: is there a demo repo (maybe that i can try with calva and figwheel-main ? what host:port should i type in ?


@sergei.udris: I recommend using Jack in instead of connect. So, open a file in your project, then run the command “Calva: Start a Project REPL and connect (aka Jack-in)“.


Or click the nREPL button in the status bar and choose that command.


👌 success, thank you

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