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Drew Verlee02:09:48

if you configure your shadow-cljs.edn to use deps. Then do you need tell both about source-paths?/paths?


@drewverlee it will use paths in deps.


@drewverlee no, just deps.edn will be used then

Drew Verlee18:09:59

Given i'm importing some javascript file i have on my class path and it in turn does a project import, should i have to do anything special? Currently i get an missing dep error e.g core.cljs: ... require ... ["./some/path/main.js :refer (Foo)"] And in main.js `import bar from "some/other/path/bar" It complains that i should install some/other/path/bar.


@drewverlee one path is not like the other. the import needs to use the same path style as the cljs version


otherwise it'll attempt to load from npm


so the path must start with either / or ./ or ../

Drew Verlee19:09:32

Ah ok. I didn't prepend the slash