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Anyone here using Cursive? How do you import project after generating it from lein new fulcro template? I've tried New -> Project From Existing Sources... then selecting a deps project, but then I get the following problem in all of my clj files:


All my clojure.core stuff is marked as unknown


I’m trying to update from 2.5.8-SNAPSHOT to 2.6.18 and I’m seeing a ton of errors when trying to load the app now. Mostly, Cannot read property 'any' of undefined, which seems to reference the beginning of every defui I have. Any ideas?


I assume its the upgrade to react16


There is nothing specific to Fulcro that requires react 16. 15 should work fine.


I’d need more details, but the CHANGELOG describes a couple of minor breaking changes that might affect you over that revision range.


e.g. +- BREAKING CHANGE: In the unlikely case that you still directly use defui + AND co-located CSS, then you will need to change protocols. The CSS protocols moved + to fuclro-css.css-protocols to allow people to opt-out of the garden + library bloat if they don’t use it. Users of defsc should not have a problem.


It is also possible that something was on that SNAPSHOT that didn’t make it into the 2.5.8. release….try 2.5.8 first, then move forward


@roklenarcic import the deps.edn fule


then use the clojure deps tab in IntelliJ to turn on the project aliases


you might want to make sure you’re working from a clean slate if you’ve done a failed import


(e.g. rm -rf .idea *.iml in the project)


also restart/invalidate caches can be useful if you get IJ in a bad state


Invalidate caches worked it seems.


Fulcro 3 Progress update: Got a lot done today. Ported in ui-state-machines, made a css library (no longer code fulcro), and fixed a few issues I found as I went. Getting close to an alpha release once I do shared, routing, and http/websocket networking.

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Thanks for the update! If you have the time/will , can you make sure when you are doing the websocket networking that the incoming queries are processed in parallel across connections? We had to do:

(with-redefs [fw/sente-event-handler (fn [& args] ;; hack to make message handling parallel
           ;;                                        (future (apply @#'fw/sente-event-handler args)))]
to make it so, otherwise incoming requests were executed serially.


Probably get to those next week…this week is getting full of other things.