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hey @ikitommi I'm seeing a failure deep in the spec coercion apparatus - the top line is

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No implementation of method: :specize* of protocol: #'clojure.spec.alpha/Specize found for class: nil


I will open a bug if nothing springs to mind - it's throwing close to the top of the spec-tools.parse ns


how can i create a "catch all" route when using reitit.frontend.easy/start!? it seems that no matter where i nest a ["*" {:name :not-found}] it returns an exception regarding pattern conflicts.


i could use some case default in a view-route, but i was wondering if there's a way to handle it upstream


i've implemented the proposal in the issue, but on boot i get a quick flash of the catch-all route before the actual route is matched. am i missing something?


@j0ni please write an issue. could improve the error message at least.


EVERYONE: if you are using reitit 0.3.0, please update to 0.3.5 asap. Will update all the known clients/templates. There was a really bad path-parameter bleeding bug found (and fixed) today. More info here:

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thanks @ikitommi.that's exactly my problem/use-case. 🙂


Hi, is the route ordering returned from reitit.core/routes always the same as the order in the tree? If not, why?