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I'm pleased to announce [com.wsscode/pathom "2.0.0"]! This versions makes many tiny fixes (specially on internal specs, getting instrumentation to work as it should). And this adds support for mutations one the connect engine, this is setup towards making auto-complete possible on the tools side. More details at the changelog. Docs were updated with the new connect mutation support. Thanks!

parrot 16

Noticing that the cljs repl doesn’t pretty print the results (using app template with shadow-cljs). Does anybody know what I need to do to change that default?

Daniel Hines15:05:41

Just bouncing an idea around with y'all: has anyone thought about hooking up an RDF/semantic web triple store to Fulcro/Om Next? There's got to be some power there...


@d4hines I only have heard about RDF, but I don't understand what it does, do you have some material you recommend? I would like to learn more, I have a hunch that we may already do something similar

Daniel Hines16:05:24

@wilkerlucio, I'm only just getting started, but this was article was my introduction: . The author gave me a demo today of an app he built that uses natural language processing combined with vast medical RDF databases to do some very powerful manipulation of medical research data controlled through a nice UI.

Daniel Hines16:05:58

The article describes SPARQL, which feels extremely similar to datalog, just specialized for the semantic web.


RDF is a standard model for data interchange on the Web. RDF has features that facilitate data merging even if the underlying schemas differ, and it specifically supports the evolution of schemas over time without requiring all the data consumers to be changed
that sounds hell of a lot what we do in Fulcro, and how pathom thinks of information 🙂

Daniel Hines16:05:59

Yes! Only Fulcro actually renders it to the screen and "does something". I wonder if there is a way to leverage the two together. Maybe doing so would create an app that self-heals, not just using names but also semantics.


Rich Hickey talks about RDF “getting it right” all over the place, and I seem to remember him indicating it was an inspriation behind Datomic.


search for RDF in that talk, for example


In fact, in that talk “So there is a subject, predicate, object, and obviously you can see the influence of this on Datomic.”

Daniel Hines17:05:58

That makes tons of sense. Thanks for the input as always guys.