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Implementing something like an arity check with CIDER shouldn’t be complex as well, as the information about the supported arities is already present from eldoc.


Hi y'all, I'm dumb at emacs. How do I control indentation when I hit return after an s/fdef ?


@ghadi what are you trying to do? hitting newline will run some formatting on your last line so if you're trying to prevent that there are other ways


I am trying to provide my team with common config snippets for Emacs and Vim


I've started to use evil-cleverparens


ok then i would check out the link to clojure-mode above


Binding RET to newline-and-indent is also a good idea imo


Maybe cider does that out of the box, not sure


I have a question, I'm not sure if this is related to the layer I'm using or emacs in general, but I have a react layer, and I notice when I make some changes to the file markup in certain places it unhighlights and throws off tabbing until I manually load the layer again


there's #spacemacs channel, probably better to ask Spacemacs related questions there


I don't use React layer but if can guess it's probably emmet trying to reindent things. This is what it says in the readme > By default, inserted markup will be indented with indent-region, according to the buffer's mode. To disable this, do:

(add-hook 'emmet-mode-hook (lambda () (setq emmet-indent-after-insert nil)))


i think the newline function does this be default: >

If `electric-indent-mode' is enabled, this indents the final new line
that it adds, and reindents the preceding line.  To just insert
a newline, use \\[electric-indent-just-newline].


(combined with electric-indent-mode