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Hi guys, cross posting from #clojure I am getting a dependency mismatch with s3. In my project I have specified dependency on com.amazonaws/aws-java-sdk-s3 {:mvn/version "1.11.261"}. Also, I have a library whose transitive dependency include a different version of sdk . I have specified a exclusion for s3 as:

libB {:mvn/version "2.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
        :exclusions [com.amazonaws/aws-java-sdk-s3]}
Now, when I do clj -Stree. I can see that only the correct version is being included. But when I tried to find the location of sdk being included using System.out.println(SDKGlobalConfiguration.class.getProtectionDomain().getCodeSource().getLocation()); as per I see that it is referring to the location of the jar of the transitive dependency which is the older version of aws sdk. FWIW I am using the clj tool and deps.edn and the conflicting libraries are java based. I am able to use the correct version from boot for the same tree.


Where is the code for the clj cli tool located?


clj == rlwrap clojure basically