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I have a server running on port 8080, and have my CLJs being served up/compiled via figwheel. However I'm running into CORS issues because the CLJS can't contact my backend server. What's the best way to disable this during development. In production the backend process will be serving up everything.


I can't embed figwheel in my app directly since this is not a ring app.


so ... figwheel is not supposed to blow away everything on the page when it starts, right?


I am loading a grafana module I've built in cljs, and when figwheel connects, the entire dom is nuked aside from the script tags for the cljs stuff


@tbaldridge figwheel lets you specify a ring-handler, is there a ring middleware that adds the necessary CORS goop?


so is there a way to add middleware to figwheel via that? What I really want is to inject a few headers into what figwheel serves up