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@magnars I just found your expand-region.el yesterday, looks very cool! However I also tried to upgrade to Emacs 25 and found out that it works there differently than in 24. Is that a known problem or maybe I have some setup problem? I mean that e.g. expanding does not expand to the beginning of the word in 25, only to the right.


No, I try not to upgrade anything in Emacs, as it only brings me grief. That goes doubly for Emacs itself. It’s unfortunate, but I have stuff to do.


I'll have a look at it sometime


completely understandable 🙂


is there a function to end an interactive command? basically <RET>

New To Clojure15:12:36

CIDER periodically marks random parts of source files with blue highlight. How to reset buffer to remove those marks?


I've never seen that before. I am not sure it's CIDER as I've never seen it before. But you can put your cursor on it and run M-x describe-text-properties and it should say the properties. not sure if it lists overlays though


yes it does. @ghsgd2 try that

New To Clojure16:12:43

@dpsutton I did Ctrl-S Ctrl-G and it disappeared. Will do when it occurs next time.

New To Clojure16:12:46 >If you are using emacs, you might want to disable any anti-virus software, too. 🤐


@hkjels There's (abort-recursive-edit), which is the function used by minibuffer-keyboard-quit, which is the function called when you do C-g on the minibuffer


in CIDER, how do i pass JVM args to a lein repl?


ah, i can do this in project.clj


on second thought i'd still like to know how to do it in cider

New To Clojure19:12:32

@adamvh Set cider-lein-global-options in customize to add extra options to repl

New To Clojure19:12:26

Also there's cider-lein-parameters

qqq21:12:39 the first comment is NOT comment-colored


I see this properly colored


does this also happen for others, or is my emacs config screwed up ?


@qqq i get the correct colors


can you show me a screenshot


found the 'bug' in my init.el -- thanks to everyone for confirming

New To Clojure22:12:59

Why starting CIDER repl (`cider-jack-in`) takes so long (approximately 20 seconds)? lein repl is 4 seconds.


cider is almost instantaneous for me, though I'm running a boot repl, then cider is just jacking in

New To Clojure22:12:24

cider-connect is instantaneous indeed. But after connecting to lein repl it writes

WARNING: CIDER's version (0.15.1) does not match cider-nrepl's version (nil). Things will break!
         More information.
WARNING: clj-refactor and refactor-nrepl are out of sync.
Their versions are 2.3.1 and n/a, respectively.
You can mute this warning by changing cljr-suppress-middleware-warnings.  

New To Clojure22:12:36

Things will break 😞


[cider/cider-nrepl "0.16.0-SNAPSHOT"] (swap! boot.repl/default-middleware conj 'cider.nrepl/cider-middleware) made everything work for me in boot


note: I'm using cider snapshot in emacs too


what you have to do is make sure that the cider-nrepl version that project.clj uses and your emacs cider version match up, that's all


Cider 0.15 was pretty slow to start indeed. That’s going to be addressed in 0.16.


There we’re loading middleware on demand and the load time is pretty much the same you’d get from lein repl without any middleware.