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Is there a way to create a copy of a file if i am doing advanced build? i found this but i am not sure if this can be used in such a way. Use case is i am hosting simple site on github pages it requres index.html to be top lvl i have img paths in cljs which i can't move to css due to lib i am using (they require src string) path for images is different for dev / prod build i'd would like to create copy of img folder top lvl when i am making prod build


executing shell command is also fine


Any one have any info around why this may be happening?

websocket.js:283 WebSocket connection to '' failed: Unknown reason
[] An error occurred: undefined


Which browser do you use?


figwheel-main seems to be stricter as well, the javascript environment would just launch when I connected to localhost or, but now it only appears to be happy with localhost