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Are you into VSCode? Check out this week episode and how you can set it up for Clojure and ClojureScript development with @pez Peter Strömberg

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factual/geo 3.0.0 - Primary new features are 1) use of the now-incubated locationtech release of proj4j and 2) the allowed use of externally created CoordinateTransforms to reproject multiple features more performantly. Also, based on geo, two new geospatial libraries in development, with initial alpha releases planned soon: - a Featurelike protocol that includes additional attribute properties alongside a geometry based on geo's Shapelike, allows interoperability between feature maps and pure Shapelike, and enables reading/writing GIS file types (preliminary support for reading .shp geometries is present, with .dbf and .prj in development) - uses ovid's Featurelike to enable transducible/composable functions operating on both geometries and features

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