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Tried figwheel main for a new hobby project and I’m very happy with it. Thanks @bhauman!


@borkdude that’s great to hear


@braden.shepherdson figwheel main does not depend on client cloud


that was left over from debugging by mistake, its fixed now


@braden.shepherdson also you “should” be able to do JS only development in figwheel if you follow the goog closure conventions


also its quite possible that es6 will work as well.

Braden Shepherdson16:12:47

Sort of related, a general CLJS question. Does compilation emit normal Google closure library files? If so, I should be able to mix CLJS into Google's lazy loading system easily too.

Braden Shepherdson18:12:58

excellent news. all my schemes are progressing beautifully.

Braden Shepherdson19:12:05

I'm trying to knock down possible objections, and integrate nicely. CLJS plays so well with others, I love it.

Braden Shepherdson19:12:32

I want to hook into the translation tools, build system, JS module system, still have Figwheel reloading. then I'll build a prototype that runs inside the Google infrastructure, and demonstrate what small, fast and high-leverage really are.

Braden Shepherdson19:12:22

... and then I'll get burned at the stake as a heretic, figuratively speaking, and switch teams 😞

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