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I'm forced to rebase with a work project so I've found this most daunting. I used to hate how I'd do an F pull from upstream and it would be defaulted to rebase and I had no idea what it was doing.


but it's pretty easy, albeit I've gotten some false renames from rebases, not sure if interactive would solve it


90% of the time I just do f o to fetch origin, master, and then r e to rebase origin/master onto my branch

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I still do pushing, pulling & rebasing on command line. I'm not sure what's your workflow but I really feel that magit is hiding way too much - I basically cannot see what's happening under the hood. I tried @lilactown’s workflow with f o and r e but found that the rebase ended with conflicts and magit didn't even tell me (only after doing magit status again) - just showed "rebasing...done"


@jumar just press $ and you see exactly what commands magit is running

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yeah, I like magit because it is hiding a lot, unless I look. It is useful for debugging issues with other build steps that are git unrelated, but for the most part magit is a pretty solid tool that I have confidence in.


I'm using Ripgrep for counsel but not sure how to indicate file exclusions. I used to use AG and could just provide -G=.*js or something but now I can't. I have my rg command as follows

(setq counsel-rg-base-command
          "rg -i -M 120 --no-heading --line-number --color never '%s' .")