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might I suggest again that it would be good to cut a pedestal release that’s compatible with Clojure 1.10 now that’s been released?

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in the meantime people that want to upgrade Clojure can use io.pedestal/pedestal.log {:git/url "" :sha "5ab1c9770472694f94d0835cda412ba753b28809"} if they’re using deps.edn

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@mkvlr you can also force a old version of core.specs org.clojure/core.specs.alpha {:mvn/version "0.2.36"}


Yep, I will work on cutting a release. Sorry about the delay!

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@mkvlr, I just cut a Pedestal release (`0.5.5`). I’ll posting release notes later but the TL;DR is that it’s a minor release driven by the io.pedestal.log/Clojure 1.10 incompatibility.

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I’m using pedestal log and am looking to send e.g. a slack notification whenever an error is logged. I’m trying to decide between overriding the default logger and passing an explicit logger into all of my log calls. There are few different ways I can see to make this work, curious if anyone has done or seen something similar and can speak to their experience.


@donaldball, had the need to do that but I’d be careful conflating logging with Slack notifications, or third party integrations in general


But overriding the default logger seems like the cleaner way to do it


Yeah, rate limiting and message size concerns are duly noted, but it’s a reasonable choice for this app


The thing that seems most annoying about this route is that I only want to add a behavior, not replace the existing behavior, so I have to copy