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Daniel Craig13:10:24

Mike Nygard will be presenting Dawn: an easy on-ramp for Clojure services this Monday at our #mid-cities-meetup. He’ll demonstrate how to create a Clojure & Datomic web service in a few minutes, by using the power of data and code as data. See you there! Join me at Dawn: an Easy On-ramp for Clojure Services

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Jivago Alves14:10:22

Hey @USDPTD3FY, I’m on a different time zone. Are you folks planning on recording the talk?

Daniel Craig15:10:17

Yep you can subscribe to us on YouTube here, we’ll post the recording after the meeting:

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Norman Eckstein18:10:26

Thanks @USDPTD3FY the event happens at 2am German time, I’ll try to attend anyway but the YouTube channel is definitely a help.