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Anthony Khong03:10:34

Last week I gave a demo on a dataframe library I’m working on for Scicloj, where I heavily used Conjure. I thought I’d share it here! Conjure rocks! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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@anthony550 Pretty cool stuff!

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That's awesome! Looking forward to watching!


Oooo, how're you doing the flash on eval @anthony550? Visual select and eval? I do want to add a flash of what you evaled as a feature some time soon 🙂 it's looking good! I don't think I've seen a nice spark experience from Clojure before!

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Anthony Khong08:10:18

No flash eval 😅 Just this:

nnoremap <Space>cc mwvip:ConjureEval<CR>'wzz


Ah hah! Thought as much, I like it, it's creative 😄


So is this adding a marker, going into visual mode, selecting the “inner paragraph” (looks like to go to the entire function/top-level form), jumping back to the marker, and then centering the screen?

Anthony Khong09:10:15

Yes sir! Basically trying to get the cursor back to where it was before.

Anthony Khong09:10:34

And the vip part is actually the default behaviour of Vim Slime (, which is a plugin I use for other languages, say, Python and Ruby


I am having some personal trouble with shadow and conjure. I have a node-test build that doesn't support repls, yet I would like to connect a repl to the tests so that I can try out some of the test function in the repl, not through node tests.js as the test runner does.


Anyone done anything similar who could give me some hints where I should look to achieve this?


got help on shadow channel, had to start :node-repl and select that


thanks for reporting back


Well, I don't like cross posting either, and especially when it's resolved but not clarified and 2 days later people still react :)